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Find Your Best Gate Locations
Find Your Best Gate Locations
Find Your Best Gate Locations

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Home >>Shape of the plot
(i) Square -
This shape with all angles of 90° is considered to be auspicious, prosperous, giving success in all fields and promoting overall growth.
(ii) Rectangle -
This shape with all four angles of 90° is also considered to be lucky, prosperous and promoting overall growth.
(iii) Circular -
Such a plot is very beneficial for growth of wealth and knowledge. But rectangular or square buildings should not be constructed on it.
(iv) Hexagonal -
Residence on such plot is good, it enhances growth, progress and prosperity.
(v) Oval - Such a plot is inauspicious, harmful and brings losses. Oval
(vi) Triangular - Such a plot causes loss due to fire, penalty and government harassment. Triangular
(vii) Parallelogram -
This shape of the plot is not good. It causes financial losses, quarrels in family and unhappy life to the dweller.
(viii) Star - Such a plot causes quarrels,litigations and destruction of peace. Star
(ix) Trident - Such a shape of plot causes loss of peace and quarrels in the house. Trident
(x) Mridanga - Such a shape of the plot can cause death of wife. Mridanga
(xi) Semi-circular - Thiss shape of plot brings poverty to the resider. Semi-circular
(xii) Wheel-shaped - This shape is not good for living. It brings poverty in the house. Wheel-shaped
(xiii) Bhadrasan -
Residence on such shape of plot is auspicious and fetches all round happiness to dwellers.
(xiv) Gau Mukhakar -
This shape of plot is very auspicious for construction of houses but it is not suitable for commercial purposes.
Gau Mukhakar
(xv) Singh Mukhakar - Such shape of plot is beneficial for commercial purposes but it is not suitable for houses. Singh Mukhakar
Sun and Moon Sun and Moon
When the plot is divided diagonally equal in two parts the part on the North-East is the 'Sun' part whereas that on the South-West side is the 'Moon' part. The sun side should be lower, brighter and lighter and moon side should be higher, darker and heavier
Five Elements Five Elements
The whole world including our body is made up of 5 essential elements i.e. earth, water, fire, air and space. Vastu is nothing but the science of balancing of the above five elements in proportion, to keep the residents of the house, in perfect harmony for right decisions, peace and happiness.
Eight Directions Eight Directions

There are four main directions but even the four sub-directions are equally important. These sectors help us in the designing of the house and placement of kitchen, Puja room,dining room etc. because every direction has its own importance in Vastu-Shastra.

The plot is distributed into 9x9 grids making 81


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According to a story in Matsya - Puran, Vastu-Purusha was created from a sweat drop of Lord-Shiva. Vastu-Purusha was cruel, horrifying and devoured everything on his way. When he was granted the boon of eating anything from the three worlds by Lord Shiva. All deities were terrified. So they collectively caught hold of the Vastu-Purusha and threw him to the ground with face downwards, head in north-east and feet in south-west. 45 deities held his body, 13 from within and 32 from outside his body area. The names and relative positions of all 45 deities is given in the chart.
Brahmasthala is the center of the square plot. The center of any object or place is very important. The nucleus of cell, the fulcrum of the lever etc. are some examples of important center points. Brahmasthala is therefore an important factor to be considered in Vastu, while constructing a house or any other building. The energy lines running through the center are also equally important. In ancient times, people knew the importance of Brahmasthala and so temples, deities, courtyards, holy tulsi plants etc. were located in the center of village, house or palaces. Every morning for charging the center a pooja of Tulsi was done. This central part or Brahmasthala is located in the central nine squares of the 81 grid plan of Vastu Mandala. It is located around the navel of Vastu-Purush.

In Vastu, it is believed that if the Brahamasthala is 'hurt' by fixing of nails, pillars, pegs, heavy objects etc. then the owner will be in trouble. So Brahmasthala, being one of the very important parts in a building, has to be safe-guarded.
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Geometric shape
Extension at North - East
Extension at North - East Good for growth, Excessive Wealth
Extension at North -  West
Extension at North - West Unhappiness, More Enemies, toss in Business, Theft
Reduction at North - East
Reduction at North - East Loss of financial growth, Health and Peace
Reduction at North -  West
Reduction at North - West Good for Growth, Prosperity
Extension at North - East

Extension at North - East Good for growth, Prosperity

Extension at South - West
Extension at South - West 111 Health, Mental unhappiness, Accidental injury, No Prosperity
Reduction at North - East
Reduction at North - East Unhappiness, Enmity, Loss of wealth
Reduction at North-West
Reduction at North-West 111 health, Mental Unhappiness, Accidental injury
Extension at South - East

Extension at South - East Quarrel and Litigation, Illness, Financial loss

Extension at North -  West
Extension at North - West Mental upset, Defection, Poverty and Loss of Vehicles
Reduction at South -  East
Reduction at South - East Good for growth
Reduction at South - West
Reduction at South - West Mental unrest, 111 Health, Financial Loss & Loss of Position or reputation
Extension at South - East

Extension at South - East Litigation, Unwanted expenses, Bad for children and women

Extension at South - West
Extension at South - West Financial loss, Defection and Accidents
Reduction at South-East
Reduction at South-East Financial loss, Loss of reputation, and possibility of suicides
Reduction at South-West
Reduction at South-West Destruction, worries, Litigation, Unwanted Expenses
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Roads on all four sides
(i) Roads on all four sides.

If there are parallel roads on all four sides of the plot, persons living in such a plot will gain progress, wealth, health and prosperity.

Roads on N,E and W
(ii) Roads on N,E and W.

This is also an auspicious plot and here the progress is very rapid, people living here lead a happy life and business flourishes well.

Roads on S,E and W
(iii) Roads on S,E and W.

Persons staying on such a plot become well known. Here women play an important part in business and make special progress.

Roads on N,W and S
(iv) Roads on N,W and S.

People living in such a plot are happy and prosperous, but they are not interested in social work.

Roads on N,E and S
(v) Roads on N,E and S.

People living in this plot live happily but such plots are considered to be of medium category.

Roads on N and W
(vi) Roads on N and W.

People living on such plots will gain wealth.

Roads on N and E
(vii) Roads on N and E.

People living on such plots become well known. They get new opportunities or new business and become prosperous.

Roads on S and W
(viii) Roads on S and W.

business class people because business flourishes on such plots.

Roads on S and E
(ix) Roads on S and E.

Persons living on such plots spend lot on entertainment but then too live a happy and enjoyable life.

Roads on N and S
(x) Roads on N and S.

People living on such plots lead a prosperous life. But, instead of happiness in house, they have jealousy, clashes and enmity.

Road on W and E.
(xi) Road on W and E.

Such plots are good and they give prosperity to the residents.

Road on N
(xii) Road on N

Brings wealth and prosperity.

Road on S
(xiii) Road on S

Business of female oriented articles and their requirements, hospitals, entertainment and bars can flourish well here.

Road on W
(xiiv) Road on W

These plots are of medium category but are good for business.

Road on E
(xv) Road on E
These plots are very auspicious. Residents of these plots gain fame and prosperity.
Road Endings
(xvi) Road Endings
When the plot has a road ending in it, it is not very good. But if it is from north-east (from N and E) north-west (only from W) and south-east (only from S) it is auspicious. All other endings are inauspicious, which is shown in the figure.
Junction or "T" Road
(xvii) Junction or "T" Road
Plot with such a juction on any of its side, is considered to be poor Vastu quality
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Different gate locations
The width of a door should be "half" of the
height of the door
Door must be with central opening. The door frame
must be rectangular. If arch is required it must be with the extra frame.
East Side
I Fire Hazard 2 Good for women 3 Prosperity 4 Favour from Helpful People 5 Restlessness and Anger 6 False allegation 7 Harshness and Sadness 8 Theft 9 Damage to Male Child and/or wealth.
South Side
9 Damage to Male Child and/or wealth 10 Slave like condition manifest II Meanmindedness 12 Prosperity or Human Growth 13 Inauspicious 14 Ungratefulness or fear 15 Financial Loss 16 Damage to the capabilities of son  17 Trouble to Son, Unwanted Expenses.
West Side
17 Trouble to Son, Unwanted Expenses 18 Enmity 19 Financial Loss 20 Financial and Human Growth 21 Financial and Human Growth 22 Government harassment 23 Financial Loss 24 Sickness 25 Tragical Death, Accidental Injury, Imprisonment.
North Side
25 Tragical Death, Accidental Injury, Imprisonment 26 Enmity 27 Happiness 28 Financial Gain, Human Growth 29 All Type of Gains 30 Enmity with Son 31 Problems for Females 32 Failure 1 Loss due to Fire.
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