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For Pain Relief & Backache
Backache Solution Kit (3in1 ultimate backache kit)  
The Ultimate Back pain Solutions
Contains Backup tool, Body Roll & Body Bang.

Backup Tool
You can end the agony of everyday back pain. Unique curve shape of New Power met – Backup with magnet effect endure pressure on all au-points which relax you in minutes.

Body Roll
One of the most innovative way to massage your back with magnets. Body Roll with its extra long handle can reach all parts of your body. Useful in Backache, Calf, Leg pain & Total body relaxation. Contains 2 magnets with extra long handle.

Body Bang
There is nothing like Body Bang for your sudden cramps in knee, calf and leg. Feel Great! On your back and head. New invention of pyramid-magnet tapping leads to wonder relaxation and freedom from pain. Contains 2-magnets, 18-Pyramids with flexible and long handle
Backache Solution Kit
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Head belt (headache? - get fast results)  
Effective way to combat stubborn headaches. Just wear your Head belt on forehead for 10 minutes & feel the difference. Useful in Headache, Migraine, Dizziness. Ideal for Meditation, Student and sport person. Contains 18 Pyramids, 3  Magnets, 18  Acutips, 3  Copper Disc
Head belt
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9x Alfa (eye-brain stress harmonize)  
New Age relaxation tool, 9x Alfa with in build two pyramids to produce marvelous results. Useful in Eye relaxation, Old age sight problem, Near-Far sightedness and for sound sleep. Ideal after using computer & TV.  Contains 2- 9x Pyramids, 2-Magnets
9x Alfa
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Cervical belt (re-energize your cervical)  
Comfortable, easy to wear, with adjust  to fit Velcro closure. Recommended by Doctors & Clinicians. Useful in Spondylitis, Cervical, Thyroid, Throat & Neck problems. Contains 18-Pyramids, 6-Magnets, 18-Acutips, 6-Copper Disc.
Cervical belt
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Back & Belly belt (support and vitality booster belt)  
If you play golf, tennis, or any other sport, or if you sit at a desk for 8 to 10 hours a day, drive a car or scooter, whatever you do, for that persistent lower back pain, this firm yet comfortable support can be worn beneath the clothing. Back & Belly belt is flexible and magnets are positioned over the acupressure meridians for maximum relief. Useful in Backache, Obesity, Indigestion.
Contains 54-Pyramids, 16-Magnets, 54-Acutips, 16-Copper Disc.
Back & Belly belt
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Knee belt (advance knee care)  
Relieves chronic joint pain caused by damage to tendons, ligaments, cartilage loss, arthritis, inflammation and swelling. Promotes healing naturally by circulation and oxygenation nourishment in knee. Useful in Pain in Knee, Arthritis. Also Calf & Shoulder pain. 27-Pyrmids, 8-Magnets, 27-Acutips, 8-Copper Disc.
Knee belt
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Dia-Belt (Unique help for pancreas)  
Useful in Pancreas, Stomach & Liver disorders. Contains 36-Pyramids, 7-Magnets, 36-Acutips, 7-Copper Disc.
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