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365 Vastu Laws
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Find Your Best Gate Locations
Find Your Best Gate Locations
Find Your Best Gate Locations
Find Your Best Gate Locations

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All Products
Product Product Description
Advance Pyramid
Promax Pro max (ultimate pyramid yantra for property vastu)
Multier Advance Multier Advance (fast results, easy installation)
Flat Max Flat Max (Flat designs for Flats & Apartments)
Reiki Pyramid
Reiki Pyramid Reiki Pyramid (a revolutionary instrument)
Vastu Pyramids
Multier 9x9 Multier 9x9 - original(multi layer pyramid set)
Bemor 9x9 Bemor 9x9 (energy and luck enhancer)
Multier 9x9 - MAX(10 times more powerful than multier)
Super MAX Super MAX (with 4 directional and center gold power)
Energy 9x9 Energy 9x9 (Pynergy for house, shop and office)
Energy 9x9 Energy 9x9 - Shree Ganesh(ganesh energy in the center)
Staircase 9x9 Staircase 9x9 (set of 3 for staircase defects)
Natron Natron (for bathroom and toilet)
Max Booster Plate Max Booster Plate (for max and super-max)
Agro Pyramid Agro Pyramid (pyramid for agriculture)
Multier Plus Multier Plus (multier with booster plate)
Protection Pyramids
Outside Protect 9x9 - Outside (for outsitde door protection)
Inside Protect 9x9 for Inside (protection inside and luck enhancement)
Car Protect 9x9 for Car (safe-guard you vehicles)
Personal Pyramids
Advance Wish Pyramid - Advance (your personal wish machine)
Marraige Pyramid Marraige Pyramid (attract you soul mate)
Harmony Pyramid Harmony Pyramid (for inter-personal and environmental harmoney)
Education Pyramid Education Pyramid (power of pyramid for students success)
Relax Pyramid belt Relax Pyramid belt (for eye-brain stress relaxation)
Vastu Sleep Vastu Sleep (ultimate, personal vastu correction system)
PyraCap PyraCap (mind power pyramid)
Fortune Pyramids
Fortune Seat Fortune Seat (opens new doors for luck and fortune)
Fortune Plate Fortune Plate (use your name to enhance fortune)
Business Disc Business Disc (For shop and office)
Swastik Pyramids
GOLD PyraVastu Swastik - GOLD (for shop,office and factory)
MINI PyraVastu Swastik - MINI (positive energy subh-labh)
Swastik Swastik 700-Gold
Meditation Pyramids
Meditation seat Peace and Meditation seat (for success in material and spiritual world)
Pyramid Fortune Cards
Luck & Fortune Pyracard - Luck & Fortune
Money & Finance Pyracard - Money & Finance
Energy & Vitality Pyracard - Energy & Vitality
Business & Career Pyracard - Business & Career
ob and Promotion Pyracard - Job and Promotion
Higher-Study Pyracard - Foreign and Higher-Study
Fame and Power Pyracard - Fame and Power
Success Pyracrd - Success and Progress
Memory and Concentration Pyracard - Memory and Concentration
Protection Pyracard - Protection & Safe-Guard
Peace & Relaxation Pyracard - Peace & Relaxation
Marriage Pyracard - Marriage and Love
Strength Pyracard - Strength and Confidence
Family & Children Pyaracard - Family & Children
Positivity & Happiness Pyracard - Positivity & Happiness
Legal & Court Case Pyracard - Legal & Court Case
Health Pyramids
Health 9x9 Health 9x9 (set of 7)
Health 9x9 Red Health 9x9 Red
Health 9x9 Orange
Health 9x9 - Yellow
Health 9x9 - Green Health 9x9 - Green
Health 9x9 - Blue Health 9x9 - Blue
Health 9x9 - Violet Health 9x9 - Violet
Slim-X Slim-X
Stress Padd Stress Padd
Power-Roll Power-Roll
Feng-shui Pyramids
Pyron - feng shui kit Pyron - feng shui kit (set of all 9)
Pyron Pink-Love Pyron Pink-Love
Pyron Red-Fame Pyron Red-Fame
Pyron Live Green Pyron Live Green-Wealth
Pyron Green -Family Pyron Green -Family Relationship
Pyron Brown Pyron Brown-Education
Pyron Blue Pyron Blue-Career
Pyron Metalic Pyron Metalic-Helpful Friends
Pyron Gray Pyron Gray-Children
Pyron Yellow Pyron Yellow-Health
Professional Pyramids
Pyra Arrow set of 2 Pyra Arrow (new energy shifting tool) set of 2
Pyra Angle set of 4 Pyra Angle (virtual safeguard your room) set of 4
Pyra Strip set of 3 Pyra Strip (virtual energy partition) set of 3
Bulk Packs of Pyramids
original Multier 9x9 - original(pack of 25)
Bemor Bemor 9x9(pack of 10)
Multier - MAX Multier - MAX (pack of 9)
Multier Chips Multier Chips (pack of 225)
For Pain Relief and Backache
Backache Backache Solution Kit
Head belt Head belt
9x Alfa 9x Alfa
Cervical belt Cervical belt
Back & Belly belt Back & Belly belt
Knee belt Knee belt
Dia-Belt Dia-Belt
Fire Pyramids
Pyra fire Pyra fire (let your wish fly to reality!) must for all
New Attractions
Pyron Sun Pyron Sun - Vitality
Pyron Moon Pyron Moon – Calm Mind
Pyron Mars Pyron Mars - Courage
Pyron Mercury Pyron Mercury - Business
Pyron Jupiter Pyron Jupiter - Spirituality
Pyron Venus Pyron Venus - Luxury
Pyron Saturn Pyron Saturn – Happiness
Pyron Rahu Pyron Rahu – Status
Pyron Ketu Pyron Ketu - Prosperity
Pyron Vastu Kit Pyron Vastu Kit
Pyron-9G Pyron-9G(Nav Grah)
Study Seat Study Seat
Study Cap Study Cap
Pyra Card-Memory Pyra Card-Memory & Concentration
Study Head Band Study Head Band
Study Pad Study Pad
Divine Aum 9x9 Divine Aum 9x9
Mystic Eye 9x9 Mystic Eye 9x9
Triple Luck 9x9
Study Eye Band Study Eye Band
Diagnostics Tools
Booster 9x9 Booster 9x9 (to boost the power of multier and bemor)
Pyra-Pendulum Pyra-Pendulum (unique diagnostic tool)
Pyra-Compass Pyra-Compass (energy zone finder)
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